Ebay are a US multinational corporation that focus on dealing with eCommerce products. They have headquarters based in San Jose and the site itself was started by Pierre Omidyar in the year 1995. Now it is a multibillion dollar business and it has operations in over 30 countries worldwide. Ebay is known for their auctions but they also have a "Buy it Now" shopping as well. The website is completely free to use for all buyers but if you want to sell on the site then you will need to pay a listing fee for the items that you sell. Of course, Ebay also has a partnership with Paypal who act as a subsidiary. This is used to help pay for any of the items that are purchased or sold on the site and it is a great booster for their business in general.

The History

Pierre Omidyar was a French-born Iranian and the first item to be sold on the site was a laser pointer that was actually broken. It sold for $14 and the owner of the site was so shocked that he contacted the buyer to ask if he knew that the pointer was broken. He then contacted Pierre and told him that he collects broken laser pointers and that is the story that the founder continually tells people when they ask him how he became so successful. So what can you get on Ebay? The truth is that you can get just about anything. The above example shows that you can get broken laser pointers and you can get everything from consoles to games, clothing, furniture and everything else. In fact, a lot of businesses choose to sell their services on eBay as well not to mention that it is a prime site for wholesale products as well. You can find the Ebay contact number here.

Of course, Ebay are well known for their cheap deals as well so if you want to pick something up without paying a high price then you know you can count on them to give you what you need. It should be noted that Ebay don't actually sell products, instead, people list their own products on the site and the site acts as a middleman. Sellers aren't charged for the registration on the site, instead they are charged every time they sell a product. Ebay take a percentage of the total sale and this is what fuels them as a company. You will also find that sellers may also need to pay for an insertion charge, which additional pictures and a prioritised listing also costing extra. These fees are very affordable and in some instances they will only cost you a couple of pennies at a time but either way, the site in general is great if you want to pick up some cheap supplies and it has become a central hub for those who want to refurbish items for a profit. Why don't you take a look for yourself today to find out more.

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